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Aug 15 2010


Okay, I know I said I was done blogging since my new job is in an office and nowhere near as exciting as wrangling preadolescents, but apparently I’ve become egocentric enough to keep writing about my life anyway. Since it won’t be about teaching, it won’t be on (*tear*), but if you are interested in keeping up with my latest exploits you can read about them here.

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Jul 15 2010


It was just brought to my attention that my blog was the most visited on for the past two (!) semesters – thanks everyone for reading it! If you’re looking for other teaching blogs now that I’m “retiring,” I hope you check out the others that made the top ten! Update: Make that the…

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Jun 28 2010


The last day of school flew by in a haze of packing up the last of my classroom, getting sweaty student hugs, and signing various kids’ yearbooks/tshirts/notebooks. While it was a relief to see the last of a few kids, I didn’t really anticipate how sad I would be at the thought of not seeing…

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Jun 25 2010

Field Day 2

Due to a complicated yet boring set of circumstances, we had another field day today – woohoo! Leaving the school building in the morning was a bit more stressful than usual due to the administration checking and double-checking every permission slip and student:chaperon ratio, but given the recent evidence of the importance of trip protocols,…

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Jun 24 2010

Heat Wave

It is really frickin’ hot today, and it feels even hotter inside the school since there are a thousand heat-generating children and no air conditioners in there. The first graders had their end of year moving-up ceremony/recital in the auditorium, and I wish I had a video of it – they were all so drenched…

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Jun 23 2010


Even though I have never planned on a career in teaching, around this time last year I was planning on staying at my school for a third year so I could fully take advantage of everything (experience, curriculum, relationships with students and other teachers) I had spent my first year working towards. But when I…

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Jun 22 2010

Field Trip: Toy Story 3

You may have noticed that we have been taking a lot of field trips of somewhat questionable pedagogical value lately. The reason is twofold: one is that the kids have a tendency to go insane towards the end of the school year, and having incentive field trips that they can “strike out” of (by cutting,…

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Jun 21 2010


All year long I have my kids keep meticulous science binders. Those of you who know me personally know that I am VERY particular about organizing things, so these binders are pretty awesome – they are divided into four sections (class notes, labs, homework, assessments) and every handout I give them is titled “[Section] [Unit].[Handout…

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Jun 18 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

There was an elevated level of girls squealing and boys groping them at school today because last night was eighth grade prom, and apparently they are still drunk from all the hormones. What is eighth grade prom, you ask? Exactly what it sounds like. The girls get their hair done and buy extravagant dresses, the…

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Jun 17 2010

We’re Famous!

Today was another administrative half day and all the kids did was take their math final, so I have no funny kid stories to report. Instead, check out this story about my school – be on the lookout for Edward and his huge ears!

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