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Sep 12 2008

The Sweetest Thing

For homework I had them do the first three steps of the scientific method: Write a question about something they’ve observed in the world around them, write a hypothesis about what might explain it, and write an idea for an experiment that would help prove their hypothesis true or false. This one boy, who is the sweetest and best kid *ever* (his answer to the “who would you like to have dinner with?” question on the survey was “In a few years my girlfriend or wife, because I love them a lot”), just about broke my heart with his:

  • Question: Why do we have to do the war with Iraq?
  • Hypothesis: I think it’s just stupid because people are dieing [sic] because of this stupid war.
  • Experiment: If I was to talk to the President and think of something.

The other best one was:

  • Question: What will happen if we run out of everything in the world?
  • Hypothesis: I think if we ran out of everything we will have to move to another planet with air because we will have nothing to live and eat.
  • Experiment: I think we will have to test the world and see how much things we have left in the world.

Unfortunately, this makes me realize that they may not understand the scientific method as well as I thought they did…

Also, this morning one of the scissor fight kids came and found me before school to apologize for yesterday, shake my hand, and promise me that “today we’ll have a good day.” And he totally fulfilled his promise. As he walked out of my class for the day he gave me this look like “Did I do it?”, so I gave him a thumbs up, and he came over for a high five. It was awesome.

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  1. Sam

    This is Sam, Mariel’s friend. She showed me this blog and I love it and check it more than facebook now. I am doing a program called DC Reads here at AU and I am going to start tutoring large groups in Anacostia and Columbia Heights, so this gets me very excited. I just wanted to let you know to keep encouraging you (even though I think you are more than encouraged enough) because what you are doing is amazing!

  2. rubinc

    Aww, thank you Sam! That really does make me feel better… Good luck with your program, maybe we can compare notes!

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