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Dec 11 2008

Day Off

Due to a combination of still feeling under the weather from Tuesday’s midday stomach surprise and being absolutely unable to face my bad class for the Two Hour Double Period From Hell, I did not go to school today. Instead, I slept in until 8, made all my lesson plans for now until break, and went Christmas shopping.

The TFA office in midtown has free photocopiers, so I spend at least two nights a week there making handouts for my kids. I have to make 115 of everything I give them, so over the course of the year I will probably have killed an acre of rainforest – FOR AMERICA! Anyway, the point of me telling you this is that when I went there today there were a bunch of nervous-looking twenty-somethings in suits sitting in the lobby. It took me a second to realize that they were college seniors at the office to interview for admission into next year’s corps. I was really tempted to warn them not to do it as I walked past, but there were TFA staff around and I thought they might not let me use the photocopiers if I tried to scare away their recruits…

Lastly, my third umbrella since moving to NYC broke as I was walking home, and now I am wet and umbrella-less. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good umbrella that won’t invert itself in the wind?

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  1. mar-mar

    the one that hagrid uses as a wand

  2. mar-mar


  3. Heya!
    I have one of those clear bubble-like umbrellas – Cam called it a “Japanese tourist” umbrella – that so far has put up with some good Boston gusts. I think it’s because the shape is similar to an inverted U so it’s harder for the wind to get under it. And since it’s clear I can see THROUGH it and keep it pretty low. Bought it at a Newbury Comics for $20, so I can’t exactly vouch for it as fancy or truly sturdy, but it’s lasted so far…

    I’ve been enjoying following your blog – I got pointed to it a few weeks ago. So far I’m thinking that you’re definitely a bad-ass for doing this…and your adolescent-free winter break is closer every day!!

  4. Adam Sssssss

    Your only chance against strong wind is to get one of the dual layer umbrellas that let the wind pass through them. Such as:

    Best of luck in your hunt.

    PS I hate the wind we have here and its been raining for 2 days straight.

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