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Dec 23 2008

So close!

I graded the unit four tests this weekend, with a little help from an expert grader, and I am so happy! The average for the unit three test was a 58% and I was crushed, but for this unit it was a 75%! That is a huge improvement! TFA has you break each unit test down by the state standard each question is addressing, and they say that your class has only really mastered a standard if its average is 80% or higher on that part of the test. In previous tests I’ve never come close to 80% mastery, but on this test there was a 78% average for one standard and an 82% average for another! I realize this is an extremely dorky thing to get so excited about, and mastery of only one and a half standards out of a whole unit isn’t great, but for the first time I realize that the elusive TFA 80% benchmark is attainable.

Also, today I had one class write thank you letters to the people who gave us money on Donor’s Choose. Some choice excerpts:

I wanna say thank you for buying my teacher overhead. Now it is alot easier for us to learn in the class. She does alot of good things with the overheads. I hope that you still have enough money to get yourself what you wanna.

I love science. I like the way we do science. I like the way we use the overhead and overheard transparencys. It is real easy to do our work on the overhead my work is so much easier because I get to see pictures on the overheadĀ  see graphs, people, houses and other stuff so thank you.

Thank you for the overhead thank you because it would be very hard for us to right down what she says so now we have color ink to see what the overhead thank you very much for helping our teacher because some kids in other countries don’t have stuff like we do we are very lucky to have stuff like this so the class would thank you for wasting your money on us thank you.

And yes, that last one really is all one sentence.

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