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May 27 2009

Stupid Technology

Remember when I was all excited about learning how to access the school’s scantron machine? My students took their Unit 7 Exam last week, on scantrons, only for me to find out that the lady who operates the machine is out of the building indefinitely. So today I had to recruit students to sit with me for two hours and grade 120 scantron sheets by hand – which is pretty much the epitome of annoying tasks.

Also annoying: today Ricardo – a student with about zero impulse control – ran up to me, poked my upper arm, and yelled, “It’s Mr. Wiggles! It’s Mr. Wiggles!” I was reminded of that episode of Pete and Pete when they are mesmerized by watching their neighbor lady’s jiggling arm fat, and then I was depressed.

Twenty-two days.

4 Responses

  1. Hammer tests!

    My 8th grade English teacher used to give his own homemade equivalent of scantrons (developed when he started teaching in the 60s). To grade, he would take a stack of them, line them up, and then hammer through the correct answers with a nail. It was very easy for him to see which answers were wrong that way. You should look into trying it. (It also makes 8th graders fear you because you are hammering their tests while they are finishing the essay portion.)

  2. rubinc

    Haha, I wish I had thought of that before making those kids stay after school and do each one by hand!

    If the scantron lady isn’t back for our next test, I will definitely come to school armed with a hammer and nails.

  3. oh i was going to recommend a hole punch and a blank one. you line them up, grab a pink highlighter and start marking the ones that arent filled in underneath…

    I bet the scantron lady is laughing now….you didnt appreciate me then, but im sure you appreciate me now bhahahaha

  4. rubinc

    I always said thank you, I guess I should have got her a card or something :(

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