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Jun 15 2009

Clerical Half Day 2

Today was another clerical half day to work on the volumes of paperwork that needs to be done before the end of the school year. Not much to report, except that the MIT kids were still on sort of a post-field trip high and had fun enlightening their classmates about their vast knowledge of college. At one point one of them asked me, “That place is so cool, why did you leave to come here??” Whereas in September I probably would have cried and said “I don’t know!”, I was able to answer, pretty much entirely honestly, “To hopefully make it so that you can end up at MIT in five years.”

And, to toot my own horn for another minute, there was this announcement on the Principal’s Monday news bulletin:

Congratulations and thank you to science teacher Ms. Rubin for organizing a great trip to her Alma Mater – MIT – in Boston this past Saturday. Ms. Rubin, Ms. L, Ms. C, Ms. M, and Mr. M all attended this trip to Boston for twenty very lucky seventh graders. The trip was a huge success with the highlight being Ms. Rubin’s trombone playing performance!

Also, I made the MIT kids write thank you letters to all the people who helped make the trip possible. I don’t want to post them here and ruin the surprise for people who will be getting them, but they were very sweet and fun to read.

Nine days.

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  1. oblomov

    I hope someone wrote a letter to MIT people who gave you moola so that you can get maybe even more for next year.

  2. oblomov

    OK, woops, that doesn’t make sense – I mean the institution itself.

  3. rubinc

    Of course! I know how to plan ahead :)

  4. Mischa

    Hi: I’m writing a story about TFA for Walden U. Would you mind DM’ing me so I can ask youa few quick questions? I love your entries.


  5. rubinc

    Sure… but I’m a teacher, not a kid, so you’ll have to tell me what “DM’ing” is. I don’t know your crazy slang.

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