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Sep 18 2009


Adorable aww:

Today’s Do Now: What classroom job are you interested in having this year?

Kid 1: I’m not interested in a job thanks (too young) :)

Kid 2: Teacher helper. I want to make the teacher job easier.

Pity aww:

Quiz: List, in order, the five sections of your science binder.

Kid: I don’t know (give me no points for this question).

Self-congratulatory aww:

Okay, so I can’t quote this one because I don’t have a copy of it, but one of my students from last year (Betty!) showed me her English report she was about to turn in on her favorite teacher – me! It was two typed, single-spaced pages about how I am the best teacher ever, and it actually made me cry a little bit. It is my goal to somehow acquire a copy, either from Betty or from her English teacher, so I can read it every time I have to resist the urge to strangle this new kid who apparently cannot resist his constant desire to grab his crotch, thrust it, and sing the Meow Mix song at the top of his lungs. I am not making this up.

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  1. HAHAHA… Meow mix? Wow.

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