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Jun 10 2010

Slow Day

Today was one of those days that you love when you’re a kid, because you don’t have to go to school even though the teachers do. As a teacher, it’s a bummer that you still have to go to work, but at least it’s a lot less stressful than when the kids are there. After a grueling HOUR AND A HALF all-staff meeting, which at one point got so nitpicky that we were comparing this year’s budget to next’s line by line, we basically had the rest of the day to do whatever we needed to get our classrooms and our gradebooks ready for the end of the school year. Usually all grading and classroom organizing is done in 30 minute sprees between classes or before the kids arrive, so it was nice to have one whole, uninterrupted day to get work done.

Oh, and I found out that on the eighth grade field day last week, two of my former students “became men” (their words) by sneaking off with two of my other, female former students and getting blowjobs behind some big rock or something. The part that is hardest for me to understand is that it was two of my grossest, nastiest, most repulsive boys (one was the infamous Marvin) – honestly, if you are a girl willing to give blowjobs in eighth grade, you’d think you could at least have your pick of the boys, and opt for luxuries like “showers” and “is literate.” Gross.

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