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Jun 24 2010

Heat Wave

It is really frickin’ hot today, and it feels even hotter inside the school since there are a thousand heat-generating children and no air conditioners in there. The first graders had their end of year moving-up ceremony/recital in the auditorium, and I wish I had a video of it – they were all so drenched in sweat it looked like they had showered with their clothes on before coming on stage, but they did their best to make it through the song and dance routine their teacher had choreographed. The result was an adorably pathetic group of sopping wet children limply waving their arms and twirling as they half-sang, half-mumbled a song through the clenched teeth of their forced smiles. Alas, there was no whale song involved.

The heat is bad enough to be addling the brains of people besides the kids – as I was walking to the subway from work I actually saw, for the first time in my career in the Bronx, two grandmas fighting on the street! Seriously, they were like eighty years old, and they were screaming and slapping just like my seventh graders. There was a whole crowd gathered to watch, mostly just gaping slack-jawed at the utterly bizarre nature of what was in front of them. Even some of my kids were staring, and as I walked by one yelled out “Miss, look at those old ladies! They crazy!” I wanted to point out that that’s exactly how that student looks when she gets in her frequent fights, but I thought it best to hold my tongue and hurry home to my lovely AC.

Two more days!

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